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Portable Lifter



JDPower has the most compact and versatile electrically powered portable lifters on the market.


Portable Lifter Family

There are 4 models in the JDPower portable lifter family
Model Capacity Lift Height



CM340 Icon 200

130kg 3.3m 21kg Download-Brochure-Button

CM520 Icon 200

140kg 4.9m 38kg Download-Brochure-Button

CA400 Icon 200

150kg 3.96m 66kg Download-Brochure-Button

BD1 smallBD1

180kg 3m 60kg Download-Brochure-Button


Key features

  • Lifters fold up for compact and easy transportation
  • Each lifter can be setup within 30 seconds
  • Can come with wheels
  • Self-contained. No assembly required on site. The electric motor, gearbox and winch are compactly integrated within the unit.
  • Swappable fittings for different types of loads (eg, Glass, Air Conditioners, Awnings, Garage Doors, etc).
  • Depending on the model, loads of up to 150kg can be lifted. The CM520 can lift to heights of 4.9 meters.
  • Variable speed trigger switch for fine control and positioning of load (CM340, CM520 and CA400)
  • Manual control (with handle or cordless drill) for locations without mains power.
  • BD1 is manual control lifter. Choice of attachments are Forks, Pipe Cradle and Jib crane.


Optional Adapters



Compatable with

CM340 CM520 CA400
Outrigger Icon 200 tick mark tick mark tick mark
CM340 WheelKit Icon 200 tick mark


Comes with wheels


Comes with wheels

GL4V Icon 200 Cross mark Cross mark  tick mark
GL2V Icon 200 tick mark tick mark tick mark
Plasterboard Icon 200 tick mark tick mark tick mark

 BD1 Drawings accessories

Different adapters make the CM and CA portable lifter family ideal for handling materials such as:






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