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CA400 Portable Lifter

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The CA400 is the "power lifter" in the Portable Lifter range.

It has a different base configuration compared to the CM340 and CM520. This makes it heavier than these other two portable lifters in our range.

It is also mounted on wheels for easy maneuverability.

Key Features

  • A sturdy steel base with fold-out, adjustable legs. Allows the CA400 to be levelled on uneven ground.

CA400 Legs expanded

  • A higher lift capacity when compared to the other Portable Lifters in our range - up to 150kg, lifting to heights of 4m.
  • Operates adjacent to walls with included counter-weights.

CA-04 CA-W2

  • Quick setup and stowing - around 60 seconds.
  • Two Levels on the frame assist the operator ensure the CA400 is level before operation.

Levels for vertical setup


CA400 comes with Level to help operator ensure mast is vertical

Level: Helps opertator ensure machine is level (and hence mast is vertical) before operation. Adjustment is easy - each leg has a handle to wind the wheel up and down.

Up/Down Controller




  • Easy pistol-grip hold
  • Variable speed trigger - exact height positioning with precise control of speed
  • Belt clip for convenience
  • Up/Down level
  • Robust casing

Emergency Stop


CA CMEmergencyStop

Emergency Stop:

  • Safety
  • Switches to manual control

Manual Override

Switch to manual operation at locations without power or in case of a power failure.

  • Use the included handle as shown
  • OR - use a cordless drill with a 17mm socket
  • Engage the Emergency Stop to switch to manual control!


Remove the Handle to manually operate the lifter when now power is not available.HandleInWinder



Use a cordless drill with a 17mm socket

Industry Sectors

  • Air Conditioning installation/removal.
  • Glass handling - ideal for housing and construction such as shopping centre glass curtains.
  • Solar systems
  • Garage door installation/removal.
  • Anwning installation/removal.
  • Plasterboard
  • Trains/Railways - Glass installation/removal on rolling stock - Carriages and Engines

WP 000217 WP 000226


Optional Adapters

The portable lifter range (CM340, CM520 and CA400) have optional-interchangeable adapters.



Compatable with

Outrigger Icon 200
GL4V Icon 200
  • Glass
  • Solar Panels
  • Sheet Metal
  • Train/Railways glass installation
Plasterboard Icon 200


CA400 Stowed

Some pictures of the CA400 below


CA400 lifting air con and Glass

CA400 glass awning installation

CA400 - garage door installation