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VP26 Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Pump


The VP-26 vacuum pump saves drilling anchor bolts into your core drilling surface to mount a core drill stand.

The saves time! It also does not leave any marks or bolt-heads to clean up on the core drilling surface.

The VP-26 is normally sold with the VPAS-6-01 Vacuum base.

Key features of the VP-26 include

  • Oiless pump - longer life and less maintenance
  • High restart vacuum (restart the pump at a high vacuum if power lost for example).
  • Works on a range of surfaces
  • Pump frame acts as vaccum capacitor - Frame is cleverly designed as an integrated water collector to protect the pump motor.
  • Fast action - around 20s to seal vacuum on a range of surfaces
  • Vacuum base can be mounted on floors and walls.
  • Easy to read Vacuum guage.
Vacuum Pump Features
Current 1.3A
Load Speed 1773 pm
Flow Rate 45(L)/min
Operating Vacuum 26.5 in/Hg
Restart Vacuum 25 in/Hg
Dimensions 34x17x25cm
Weight 8kg

The VP-26 and VPAS-6-01 Vacuum base are compatible with the following JDPower Core Drill stands:

Drill Stand


(for DF330 drill)




Vacuum Gauge - pump has a high restart vacuum.