GL Heavy Glass Lifter

The JDPower GL is a compact electric lifter ideal for vertical and overhead glazing.

Depending on the model, the GL can lift weights up to 300kg to heights of 8.5 meters.
As with all JDPower lifters, the GL folds for easy transportation and stowage.

The GL uses counter-weights – making it ideal for vertical and overhead glazing work. Counter-weights ensure there are no front-facing legs to stabilise the unit.

The GL comes with optional extras such as a battery for operation on sites without power, a wireless remote control and a range of swappable adapters for handling different materials.
Primary difference between the ES/CS and GL – GL uses counterweights so it is capable of getting close to a wall, ES/CS has front facing legs that eliminates the need for counterweights. However, on the ES/CS this means you cannot operate adjacent to a wall for glass.


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Key Features

  • Quick folding base, set up in 30 seconds without tools.
  • Very strong and compact construction
  • Heavy duty casters for moving the lefter on site.
  • Can operate on uneven ground or slopes.
  • Lifting eye for crane transportation.
  • Can be transported easily in a vertical or horizontal configuration.
  • Optional battery and radio control.

Key safety features include:

  • Mast has a double anti lock system for safety.
  • Pulleys are ringed for safety.
  • Limiter on mast
  • Emergency stop
  • Primarily used in Glass and Glazing
  • Use alongside glass installation in the general Construction Industry

Lifting Adapters

  • Pipe forks for building materials – warehouse and workshop doors, steel beams, HVAC equipment
  • 4 Suction glass cradle for vertical and overhead glazing.
  • 4 Suction hanging cradle for vertical glazing.
  • Standard forks.
  • Crane hook and patented crane arm.

Battery/Radio Control

  • Integrated Battery Charger (12v) from mains.
  • Battery install in steel casing for safety
  • Emergency stop button
  • Operates mast (raising and lowering)

CM 520 - Working on slope