GT1 Glass Trolley

The Glass Trolley is a very easy piece of equipment to operate.

It has smart features built in for added safety like the Lockable Carriage which acts as a 2nd break when moving a heavy load. It also prevents free-movement during transportation.

The Patented Silent Winch makes lowering and raising heavy objects an easy task. The 16″ wheels are solid and sturdy.

The chassis extends with a rear swivel wheel acts as an added wheel or a stopper.


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Key Features

  • Maximum weight capacity of 180kgs
  • Able to rotate glass panes up to 250cm square
  • 16″ puncture proof wheels for easy transportation on building sites or for manipulating glass through halls, corridors and rooms.
  • Foot stop and rear castor for easier transportation of glass panel.
  • Fold panel to the side of the trolley for doorway access.

  • Glass & Windows
  • Materials and Handling
  • Gas Bottles