JDPower lifters are used extensively in the domestic and commercial Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry.

JDPower – Elevate Your Air Conditioning Operations

Compact and Portable Electric Lifters for the Air Conditioning Industry

JDPower pioneered the market’s most compact and portable electric lifter, initially developed to address the unique needs of Air Conditioning industry operators. The CM340 model, designed for lifting domestic units from 3 to 4.9 meters, marked the beginning of our innovative lifter range.

Explore Our Lifter Range:

CM340 – The Compact Solution

  • Lifts domestic units from 3 to 4.9 meters.

Expanded Lifting Solutions

  • JDPower has expanded its lifter range to cater to diverse needs.

Tailored Solutions for Every Contractor:

  • Individual Contractors: Find the perfect lifter for your specific requirements.
  • Larger HVAC Contractors: Discover scalable lifting solutions to meet industry demands.

Prioritise Safety with JDPower Lifters:

  • Help comply with OH&S requirements.
  • Safeguard your workers with our reliable and efficient lifters.

Invest in the efficiency and safety of your Air Conditioning operations with JDPower. Explore our lifter range and find the perfect solution for your lifting needs.

Model ML2 AL330 BD1 BD2 CM340 CM520 CA400 CS550 ES550
Max Load Capacity 120KG (Platform)


130KG 180KG 180KG 120KG, 130KG 90, 130KG, 140KG 150 kg 300KG 300KG
Lifting Height 1.04m 3.3M 3M 4M 3.3M, 3M 4.9M, 4M, 3M 4 M 5M, 5.5M 5M, 5.5M
Dimension-stowed 31X52X132 cm 56x44x124 cm 78X47X117cm 80x55x117 30×30 CM 38x 38CM 75X62X96cm 90cmX76cm 90cmX76cm
Dimension-operating 71X52X132cm 81x76x124cm 92cmX106CM 97cmX109CM 1x 1.1m 1.5mx1.4m 1mX1m 2.16mx 1.7m 2.16mx 1.7m
Operation Manual Manual Manual Manual Electric Electric Electric Manual Electric