CM Electric Portable Lifters Range: Elevate Your Awning Installations

Explore our versatile CM range, designed to enhance efficiency in the Awning industry.

  1. CM340: Compact and Capable
    • Lifts up to 3.3 meters
    • Ideal for balcony installations
  2. CM369: Perfect for Awnings
    • Lifts 120kg up to 3.7 meters
    • Tailored for awning lifting and installation
    • New and efficient addition to our range
  3. CM439: Unmatched Versatility
    • Tailored for diverse awning installations
  4. CM520: The Heavyweight Champion
    • Lifts up to 4.9 meters
    • Gain a competitive edge with installations others can’t reach

Tailored Solutions for Fabric Factories

For fabric factories, our BD1-C/BD1-F and BD2-C/BD1-F lifters are ideal for efficient pickup and transportation.

  •  BD1-C (Pipe Cradle) & BD1-F (Forks), lift 180kg to 3 metres
  • BD2-C (Pipe Cradle) & BD2-F (Forks), lift 180 kg to 4 metres/3.74 metres

JDPOWER: Your Partner in Awning Excellence

JDPOWER offers a comprehensive range of Portable Electric Lifters, tailored for the Awning industry. Whether you need the compact CM340 or the robust CM520 with wheels, we have the lifter to match your requirements.

  • CM340 and CM369: Covering 70% of Awning Installations
    • Lift heights of 3.3/3.7 meters
    • Perfect for balcony installations
  • CM520: Reach New Heights
    • Lifts up to 4.9 meters
    • Gain a competitive advantage in challenging installations
  • BD1, BD2 and CA400: Heavy-Duty Excellence
    • Ideal for handling heavier awning frames

Upgrade your installations with JDPOWER’s CM Range. Elevate your efficiency, tackle diverse installations, and stay ahead in the Awning industry.

Model BD1 BD2 CM340 CM369 CM439 CM520 CA400
Max Load Capacity 180KG 180KG 120KG, 130KG 120KG, 130KG 90kg, 120KG 90, 130KG, 140KG 150 kg
Lifting Height 3M 4M 3.3M, 3M 3.74M, 3M 4.3m, 4m 4.9M, 4M, 3M 4 M
Dimension-stowed 47X45X116cm 80x55x117 30×30 CM 31X52X132 cm 56x44x124 cm 38x 38CM 75X62X96cm
Dimension-operating 92cmX106cm 97cmX109CM 1mx 1m 71X52X132cm 81x81x124cm 1.5mx1.4m 1mX1m
Operation Manual Manual Electric/Manual Electric/Manual Electric/Manual Electric/Manual Electric/Manual