All JDPower lifters come with a range of swappable adapters for different industry segments. Plasterboard, glass, fork and tray adapters make them a versatile solution for a range of building needs.

JDPower lifting solutions fall into two categories:

Portable Lifters

JDPower Portable Lifters can be used in the domestic and light commercial building industries.

Being able to lift up to 150kg (depending on the model) makes them ideal for the lifting and support of beams, glass and other materials during construction.

Heavy Lifters

JDPower’s ES/CS and GL Heavy Lifters are used with the Standard and Pipe Forks in the construction industry.

The optional Pipe Forks or crane arm and hook are suited to the lifting and installation of building material such as beams.

Depending on the Heavy Lifter model, JDPower’s Heavy Lifter range is capable of lifting weights of up to 300kg, over 8m high.

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