JDPower’s Core Drills are ideally suited for fencing in concrete and tiled surfaces, such as balconies and pool fencing.

Glass Balustrades are often a feature of this type of fencing.

Tighter changes in legislation in some States provide a unique opportunity for you business to take advantage of new opportunities as pool owners install new fencing or replace existing fencing to ensure they are compliant with new pool safety laws.

When combined with the Vacuum Pump and Base Tradies get an edge over their competitors with a flexible solution that is quick to setup. The Vacuum pump is ideal for tiled surfaces where a vacuum seal can be maintained.

The pump and base combined with a JDPower Core Drill provide the following benefits for you business:

  • Quicker setup – No need to drill and insert a mount bolt for a stand.
  • Less cleanup – No need to remove or hide any mount bolts used for a stand
  • Faster operation – Rather than manually holding the drill, the stand and lever mounted on the vacuum pump and base can be used to more accurately apply the correct pressure.
  • Better alignment – Be more confident when using apprentices and less skilled labour – a correctly setup stand will help ensure any hole is drilled vertically. It is easy for an unskilled operator to move off the vertical plane.