Welcome to JDPower Garage Door Lifters

At JDPower, we prioritise the safety and well-being of your workers. Our range of garage door lifters is designed to ensure compliance with OH&S requirements, reducing accidents on ladders and preventing repetitive back strains caused by hyper-extension during door lifting.

JDPower lifters have been recommended by organisations such as B&D for the removal, maintenance, and installation of Series 1 and Series 2 roller doors.

Lifters for Domestic Roller Door Series 1 B&D Door Installation and Maintenance:

  • BD1-C (Pipe Cradle): Lifts 180kg to 3 meters
  • BD2-C (Pipe Cradle): Lifts 180kg to 4 meters

Electric Option for Easy Installation:

  • CA400-P:
    • Electric lifter
    • Lifts 150kg to 4 meters
    • Best option for streamlined installation processes.

Industrial Roller Doors or Series 2 B&D Doors:

  • ES/CS Heavy Lifters:
    • Capable of lifting up to 300kg
    • Designed for efficient Industrial roller door or Series 2 B&D door management.
    • Lifting from 5.5 m to 8.5m with various ES550-ES850 Electric Lifters
    • Lifting from 5.5 m to 8.5m with various CS550-CS850 Manual Lifters


Choose JDPower garage door lifters for a safer and more efficient working environment. Your workers deserve the best – invest in their safety and well-being.

Model ML2 AL330 BD1 BD2 CM340 CM520 CA400 CS550 ES550
Max Load Capacity 120KG (Platform)


130KG 180KG 180KG 120KG, 130KG 90, 130KG, 140KG  

150 kg

300KG 300KG
Lifting Height 1.04m 3.3M 3M 4M 3.3M, 3M 4.9M, 4M, 3M 4 M 5M, 5.5M 5M, 5.5M

31X52X132 cm

56x44x124 cm 78X47X117cm 80x55x117 30×30 CM 38x 38CM  


90cmX76cm 90cmX76cm


81x81x124cm 92cmX106CM 97cmX109CM 1x 1.1m 1.5mx1.4m  


2.16mx 1.7m 2.16mx 1.7m
Operation Manual Manual Manual Manual Electric Electric Electric Manual Electric