JDPower’s Portable Lifter range can be purchased with an optional Plasterboard Accessory.

The Plasterboard Accessory is capable of taking sheets up to 122cm x 488cm (4″x16″) in size. Other key features include:

Adjustable arms to suite the size of the plasterboard sheet being lifted.
Angle of the cradle can be aligned to the angle of the wall or ceiling.
Folds compactly for transportation.
The most suitable lifters for Plasterboard work are listed below. We would recommend the CM-520 and CA-400 for tradesmen. Both lifters come with wheels and can be operated adjacent to walls.

CM-340 with optional Wheel Kit Accessory – Maximum lift height 3.3m
CM-520 (comes with wheels) – Maximum lift height 4.9m
CA-400 (comes with wheels) – Maximum lift height 4m
CM-439 (comes with wheels) – Maximum lift height 4.3m