JDPower’s Heavy Lifter range are targeted at the HVAC, Construction and Glazing industries lifting up to 300 kg and to heights over 8 meters if required.

All heavy lifters fold to minimise stowing and transportation requirements.

Manual and Electrically operated lifters are available.

ES is an electric Lifter; CS is a manual operated lifter. There are models for 3.8 metres, 5.5 metres, 700 metres and 8.5 metres.

ES/CS is perfect for Duct industry, Garage Door, Steel Beams and general building maintenance.

GL-AD is counter-balance lifter with battery and remote control.

Some models are available with an optional battery pack and remote control.


  • Depending on model, loads up to 300kg, lifting heights up to 8.5 meters
  • Fold for easy stowage and transportation.
  • Accessories available for different loads

    For example –  vertical glass, ducts for HVAC and Air Conditioning, beams for building, forks for garage doors etc.



We Have the Heavy Lifters You Need for Safer Lifting on the Job

Having the correct heavy lifters in your warehouse or on a job site can make your life much easier. We have a wide selection of options available for our customers to choose from based on their unique in-house requirements. With JDPower by your side, you never have to break your back doing the heavy lifting.

Benefits of Using Heavy Lifters in Your Warehouse

While there are many tools you can use to make lifting in the warehouse a little easier, we recommend going with one of our lifts. To help you better understand what benefits our products have and why we believe they are an excellent addition to your warehouse, consider the following:

  • It provides a safer working environment: When you have the right equipment to assist you with heavy lifting, you reduce the risk and occurrence of in-house accidents. Our heavy lifters can easily lift up to 300kgs for your convenience.
  • Our machines can assist you with working high above the ground: Having a machine that does the lifting is one thing but having a machine that also helps you operate more than five metres in the air is exceptionally useful. Our BD400 electric lifter, for example, can raise 250kgs to a height of 3 metres. Our GRM250 Glass Robot can lift 250kg of glass up to a height of 245 cm. You’re not only working safer on the ground,but also at an elevation.
  • We have different options of lifters available to suit specific requirements: If you need more than lifters that handle the heaviest loads, we have other lifters available. You can always look at our portable lifters or even our trolleys. All our products make lifting more manageable, and whether you want to lift heavy or lighter loads, we can help.

Things to Consider When Choosing Heavy Lifts for Your Business

There are many aspects to our machines, so we believe having all the necessary information at hand allows you to make more informed purchasing decisions. Consider the following when deciding on a device:

  • What height do you want it to reach? Since we have different machines available that can reach different heights, you must consider the highest possible elevation you’ll need it for before you decide.
  • How much should it carry? As with the ability to work at varying heights, our machines also carry different loads. Some carry up to 300kg, while others will manage less than 100kgs. Depending on your requirements, one might work better than the other.
  • What do you want to lift with the machine? Some of our machines are better suited to carry specifics such as glass panels, so it is vital that you know what you plan to lift with it when choosing.

What You Stand to Gain When Choosing Our Heavy Lifters

The proper machine to assist you in your warehouse can help you save time and money, whilst increasing the safety of your workspace. We can provide easy to use and easy to assemble machines that make your daily lifting activities so much simpler.

When you’re ready to get your hands on a new lifter for your business, give us a call, and our professionals will help you choose the suitable machine for the job.