JDPower has the most compact and versatile electrically powered portable lifters on the market.


Capacity: 130kg
Lift Height: 3.3m
Machine Weight: 21kg

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Capacity: 140kg
Lift Height: 4.9m
Machine Weight: 38kg

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Capacity: 150kg
Lift Height: 3.96m
Machine Weight: 66kg

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Capacity: 180kg
Lift Height: 3m
Machine Weight: 60kg

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Capacity: 130kg
Lift Height: 4.27m
Machine Weight: 26kg

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  • Lifters fold up for compact and easy transportation
  • Each lifter can be setup within 30 seconds
  • Can come with wheels
  • Self-contained. No assembly required on site.

    The electric motor, gearbox and winch are compactly integrated within the unit.

  • Swappable fittings for different types of loads

    For example Glass, Air Conditioners, Awnings, Garage Doors, etc.

  • Depending on the model, loads of up to 150kg can be lifted.

    The CM520 can lift to heights of 4.9 meters.

  • Variable speed trigger switch for fine control and positioning of load

    CM340, CM520 and CA400, CM439

  • Manual control (with handle or cordless drill) for locations without mains power.
  • BD1 is manual control lifter.

    Choice of attachments are Forks, Pipe Cradle and Jib crane.


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JDPower: The Local Leaders in KSF Portable Lifters

There is no disputing the usefulness and effectiveness of KSF portable lifters for lifting heavy equipment during installation or servicing. Safely lift into place HVAC systems, garage doors, and everything in between, and turn a three-man hard slog into a quick and easy one-person installation. We are the sole importers of Australia’s KSF materials handling, trolleys and lifters, and Diamond core drilling equipment.

Whichever industry you’re in, the heavy lifting is frequently not only the most challenging part of the job but also potentially the most dangerous. Installing equipment and machinery at height, such as an HVAC system, is an activity best undertaken with extreme caution for your safety, the equipment being installed, and any bystanders or co-workers that may be assisting. For such installations, portable lifts offer the most effective solution.

What You Should Know About KSF Portable Lifters

Lifting has never been this easy. KSF electric portable lifters make light work of even the most challenging jobs, giving you the edge in terms of the speed of installations, the ease with which your staff can safely complete assignments, and the manpower required for installation processes.


  • The KSF portable range of lifters is easy to load and transport, and compact enough to work in even the tightest spaces. The fully adjustable four-legged design allows your crew to safely work on uneven surfaces, providing superior stability to your load. Furthermore, the special design will allow you to work right against the wall.
  • While the successful application of any piece of equipment depends mainly on functionality, ease of use is an important factor to consider. KSF products feature simple, clear, and easy controls with excellent safety measures that won’t present a challenge to your team.
  • Our lifts feature the ultimate functionality and strength, with lift heights ranging from three meters to nearly five meters, and load capacity from 120kg to 150kg depending on the model.

What You Can Expect from JDPower Regarding Portable Lifters

We’ve been an exclusive importer of KSF material handling and other equipment in Australia for more than ten years. We pride ourselves on the superior quality of the products we supply and the level of service that our customers have come to expect from us.


  • We are the manufacturer as set up by KSF. Too many imported products today are not supported by professional, technical teams. Our customers can rest assured of our highly experienced and efficient technical department’s full support in repairing and maintaining their KSF products. We carry all relevant replacement parts, and our staff is fully trained in all the maintenance and repair aspects of our products.
  • Our workmanship is fully guaranteed, as is the quality of our products. The KSF range of equipment represents some of the best quality available on the market today. We provide superior products for professional industries that meet and exceed all industry, and regulatory, quality and safety standards.
  • We pride ourselves on being a prominent Australian equipment supplier. From beginning to end, your dealings with us will always be friendly and highly professional. Our staff in every department are the cream of the crop, which will be evident in the professional and efficient service they render to our customers.

About JDPower

We are the exclusive Australian importers and the master distributors of KSF products. Our company stands at the forefront of innovation, quality, and service, always going the extra mile to ensure our customers get only the very best.

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