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Whether you are looking for portable lifters, heavy material lifters, diamond core drills or concrete cutters, JDPower has an answer.

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JDPower Pty Ltd is the Australian importer and distribution of KSF Machine Tools.

Our aim is to provide the operator with the ability to easily transport, setup and operate all of our products.


JDPower is driven by our Core value - Innovation, Quality and Service.

With continuous development new machinery tools and high quality products, we commit to deliver the best to our customers. We are not only driven by our products, we value our customers’ feedback. Please tell us what you think. You speak, we listen!

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    Exploring JDPower’s Equipment Lift Options

    Sporting one of Australia’s widest arrays of equipment lift machinery, we are here to help your business function properly. We aim to support your current operations with machinery that not only makes your job a lot easier and more efficient, but a lot safer as well. We believe in ensuring a higher standard of workmanship and do this by providing reliable products.

    What Sets JDPower Apart Regarding our Manual Lifting Equipment

    When undertaking strenuous physical labour, it can become difficult and dangerous to maintain focus and safety. By efficiently transporting, elevating, and moving heavy objects and building materials, you can focus on the finer details while the machinery does the physically demanding work. Some of the machinery that we offer include:


    • Heavy elevation machinery: Our heavy manual lifting equipment is the perfect fit for jobs that require you to deal with loads that are too heavy to move with mere manpower. Heavy loads raised above eye level can immediately become more dangerous and risker to move and position, so our heavy manual lifters keep loads stable whilst moving them for you.
    • Lightweight and mobile elevation machinery: When your business operations require you to be mobile and fast, our lightweight manual lifting equipment can help you complete projects in record time.
    • Electric elevation machinery: With help from a powerful winch system, our electric elevation machinery models can carry loads with ease. By using electricity, these machines remove the need for manual raising, which can be advantageous to those who would rather avoid intense physical labour.

    Benefits of Using Our Glass Suction Lifter

    Working with glass might be one of the most challenging and dangerous industries to be in. We provide a glass suction lifter to our clients because:


    • We can limit personal injury and liability: By having the means to transport and elevate materials with assurance, you can rest easy knowing that you can limit human error. If you can limit the number of accidents, you can limit the number of on-site injuries.
    • You can ensure the safety of your staff and clients: When working on multi-storey buildings, incidents can happen fast and without warning. At higher heights, materials pick up speed exceptionally quickly and can cause damage to assets and individuals in the near vicinity.
    • You will avoid costly mistakes and mishaps: Damages to materials are constant and are usually a part of the process. By limiting how many materials you break, you can save precious capital and time.

    Why Trust JDPower Regarding Our Glass Suction Lifter

    Because we offer our products to the general public, we make sure that the standard of the products exceeds our customers’ expectations. Our care and precision help to retain our position in the Australian market and assists you in running your business to the best of your abilities.

    The next time you have trouble doing your job, contact us for the best equipment you can buy.