JDPower makes high quality core drills for a range of industry needs.


  • External clutch adjustment

    No need to dis-assemble the housing to adjust the clutch. Simple adjust a grub screw on the case.

  • High Quality Copper clutch assembly.
  • Motor overload and soft start.
  • Light indicators for inexperienced operators

    Shows whether the correct level of force is being applied.

  • Insulation

    Double insulation on motor, all handles insulated to protector operator.

  • Hand-Held and stand-only models.

    Some Handhelds come with optional stand.

Browsing Core Drills with JDPower

Previously only a feature visible in academic and commercial fields, diamond core drills have slowly but surely become a useful tool in most construction and manufacturing industries. The primary use of these types of equipment is to create a round or cylindrical crevice in an object without having to half or damage the main body or surface of said object. We believe our products are the best around, and we think you will too.

The Importance of Working with a Diamond Core Drill

Since the introduction of more durable and efficient machinery with the progression of technology over the years, tradespeople are truly spoilt for choice. These new technologies not only help with completing jobs in a more time-effective manner, but also boast longer lifespans and better standards of work. Bits with diamonds are incredibly efficient because:


  • You can use your equipment for longer. Because diamonds are such a rigid material, they can easily penetrate other materials. By not overworking your equipment to achieve the same results, you can use your machines for longer and thereby save valuable capital.
  • Equipment failures occur less regularly. Nothing is more infuriating than having to stop what you are doing so that you can go and buy replacements for broken equipment and fittings. It also halts construction and overall progress, as you have no choice but to go and scour for the correct part.
  • You can complete projects with ease. When you have the right tools for the job, you will never need a replacement. If you value punctual service delivery, you should consider these bits.

Key features of KSF Wet and Dry Core Drills-DF330

  • Patented telescopic support arm – makes drilling safer and more comfortable “lean into” or “rest on” the arm using your body weight, not your back!
  • Safety Features – protect Operator against cut electrical cables:
    • Double insulation on motor
    • Insulated handle
    • Insulated telescopic arm
    • Earth Leakage trip switch
  • Motor overload protector – protects motor and gearbox extending the life of the drill.
  • Adjustable Slip-Clutch – Protects motor, gearbox and Operator if core bits jam. Clutch is easily adjustable to extend the life of the core drill.
  • Variable speed trigger – for greater operator control.
  • Soft start – extends the life of the gearbox and motor
  • Two-Speed gear box, low speed range of 1100rpm, and high speed range of 2200rpm.
  • Comes with case and tools

About JDPower

Operating from our warehouse in Port Kembla, South of Sydney, we serve as the exclusive importer and master distributor of KSF products. Our product and service offerings make us a vastly important business partner, which only adds to our company’s value.

For all your drilling machinery and equipment needs, contact us directly for more information.