JDPower has a highly versatile range of materials handling solutions.

Model ML2 AL330 BD1 BD2
Max Load Capacity 120KG (Platform)


130KG 180KG 180KG
Lifting Height 1.04m 3.3M 3M 4M
Dimension-stowed 31X52X132 cm 56x44x124 cm 47X45X116cm 80x55x117
Dimension-operating 71X52X132cm 81x81x124cm 92cmX106CM 97cmX109CM
Operation Manual Manual Manual Manual


  • Foldable for easy stowage and transport.
  • Made of light-weight, heat treated aluminium

    to reduce weight and maintain strength

  • Have solid rubber tyres (no air)
  • Silent Winch

    Automatically locks at current height

  • Interoperable with portable lifters

Simplify Your Logistics Inside with Our Warehouse Trolleys

Having suitable warehouse trolleys makes logistics inside your warehouses a much simpler task. We offer an extensive variety of options so that anyone from small business owners to large warehouses can rely on our selection. Trust JDPower when you need warehouse tools to help you safely move heavy loads to their destination.

What to Expect from Our Team When You Need a Trolley Lift

With more than ten years of industry experience in Australia, we understand how to bring a reliable service pact with benefits to our clients. From our product selection to our dependable customer service, we do it all. Consider the following ways in which we believe we stay ahead of our competition if you need a material trolley:

  • As stated, we have an extensive range of products available to accommodate a wide range of requirements from all our clients. Even if you’re only looking for a trolley, we have more than one option available, each tailored to specific in-house needs. If you have any questions about which trolleys would work best for the job you have in mind, simply give us a call.
  • Our products are easy to transport, which provides improved access to all our clients. We don’t want you to struggle with transportation, as that would limit our services to those who can sort out additional, complicated transportation methods. A good rule of thumb is simply to ask our team how big the machine in question is, and whether you can transport it with your car.
  • Our lifts are quick and easy to set up, so you don’t have to worry about complicated manuals and extensive setup times. We understand that you want to get to work as soon as possible to utilise the power of our lifts, which is why we aim to keep the setup of all our products as simple as possible.
  • We pride ourselves on reliable customer service. We want our current and potential future customers to know that they can turn to any of our professionals for assistance when they have questions. Whether you need some help choosing the right product, want to know more about a specific item, or simply want to give us feedback on your experience, our communication channels are always open.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Our Lifting Trolley Selection

Over our years of business, we have had a few recurring questions from our customers regarding our products. To help provide some up-front clarity, we put together a brief FAQ for you so that you can make more informed purchasing decisions quickly:

  • What is the carrying capacity of your portable lifters? Our portable lifters come in various options, so, naturally, they have different carrying capacities. Our lowest carrying capacity starts at around 120kg, and our highest reaches a comfortable 180kg. These limits are easily enough to assist you with your heavy lifting.
  • What is the lift height of your portable lifters? As before, our wide range of lifters means that we can supply varying levels of height limits. Our lowest height is at around 3m with our BD1 lifter, and our highest goes up to around just shy of 5m with our CM520 model. These heights make installing HVAC units a comfortable experience on any floor of the house.
  • How much do your portable lifters weigh? Just as with our heights and carrying capacities, different machines have different weights. If you’re looking for something lightweight that will get the job done, our CM340 weighs in at only 21kgs. On the other end, however, our CA400 weighs a sturdy 66kgs and will never budge.

Regardless of the job you wish to use our portable lifters for, we recommend reaching out to our professionals and asking for their best suggestions. Since we have many different machines, it can often be overwhelming to pick the right one. Luckily, our team can quickly help you make the right choice based on your unique requirements.

Products Similar to a Gas Bottle Trolley that We Can Supply

If you’re looking for more than a warehouse picking trolley, you will be glad to know that we have many other items that can help you with your lifting needs. Consider the following items we stock and how they can do specific lifting jobs for you and your team:

  • We have glass trolleys available for those who need to lift glass panels safely with reliable equipment rather than traditional, more dangerous methods. The right glass lifter can make your job significantly easier and help you with faster installation turnaround times.
  • We can supply a lifting trolley for those who need a safe way to move their welding equipment around, whether in-house or outdoors.
  • We have portable lifters available that people in the air conditioning industry commonly use to lift air conditioning units safely. Installing air conditioning units often requires that the installer work at an elevation, whether low or high. Regardless of the height, the portable lifters can help you get the air conditioning unit the ideal height for transfer onto the wall to make installation that much simpler and much safer.
  • Why not consider our electric suction cups if you need another reliable way to transport your glass panes? These items help you get an incredibly firm grip on small or large glass panes so that you don’t have to worry about losing grip on its edges or toppling the pane over during a position shift.

About Us and Our Ability to Help You Find a Cylinder Trolley

For more than ten years, we have been helping our customers find the ideal lifts for their in-house and on-the-job requirements. From assisting professionals in the HVAC industry to supplying trolleys for those in the garage door industry, we’ve done it all. With our wide selection of premium quality lifts, it’s easy to see why our customers keep coming back when they need professional-grade equipment. The next time you need a stock trolley or one of our other options, remember the name JDPower and give us a call.