JDPower has a range of lifting and materials handling solutions for the Glass and Glazing industries.

Welcome to JDPower, your trusted partner for a comprehensive range of lifting and materials handling solutions designed specifically for the Glass and Glazing industries. Our innovative products cater to a diverse spectrum of applications, from the domestic glass door and window sector to large-scale projects like shopping center fit-outs and maintenance.

At the pinnacle of our offerings is the GL lifter, a powerful solution tailored for Greenhouses, Glass walls in Shopping Centres, and Commercial buildings, with an impressive lifting capacity of up to 8.5 meters.

For shop Glaziers and domestic glazing needs, our GT trolley and CA400 present ideal solutions for glass manipulation and installation. The GT Glass handling trolley is equally well-suited for both shop floors and warehouses, providing versatile glass handling capabilities.

Introducing our cutting-edge Glass Robot, the GRM250, with a maximum load capacity of 250kg for glass panels. The GRM250 is a game-changer, perfectly suited for glass and window warehouses or installation tasks.

Finally, for lifting and transporting heavy loads with ease, our BD400 is your go-to solution. Its robust design ensures the safe and efficient handling of substantial loads.

At JDPower, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch solutions that meet the unique requirements of the Glass and Glazing industries. Explore our range of products and experience the difference in efficiency and safety.

Enhance Work Safety with a Glass Lifter for Glass Installation

Glass fitters are well aware of the intricate challenges involved in transporting and installing glass products at their clients’ premises. The process demands utmost precision, as even the slightest mishap can lead to expensive consequences. While you may have liability insurance to protect yourself and your clients, the risk of accidentally dropping and shattering glass remains a concern.

This is where a high-quality glass lifter becomes an essential tool, ensuring the secure movement of glass items to their installation point. Working at heights with glass materials can be a precarious task, and leaving it to chance, regardless of your team’s experience, is not a prudent choice. By utilizing a glass lifter, you take a proactive step towards completing your projects with safety in mind, benefiting not only yourself but also your staff and customers.

JDPower, a trusted importer and distributor of material lifting solutions, offers a wide range of options, including electric duct lifters, to meet your specific needs. Choose JDPower for reliable solutions that prioritize safety in your glass installation projects.

EV300_GRM250 Auto Glass Robot

Benefits of an HVAC lifter- JDPOWER multi-Functional Lifter

Apart from lifting glass, working with HVAC systems is equally difficult, especially when working at height. These machines are heavy, and typically, commercial clients would install multiple units at once, which would require a significant workforce. It’s best to invest in duct lifters to protect your employees and clients. These are some of the benefits you enjoy when using HVAC lifts in your operation:

  • Heavy lifters can lift 300kg at a height of over 8m: These numbers are usually what you’d find when installing new HVAC systems for clients. When you have one of these material lifters in your inventory, you can be confident of lifting all types of machines regardless of their brand or weight. Its weight capacity should carry various HVAC equipment without risk of the goods falling off or breaking the lift. The installation process is more efficient since you won’t have to rely on the physical strength of your staff to carry the gear to the installation point.
  • When you’re an HVAC technician, there are many tools you need to carry daily aside from the actual air conditioning equipment: Drills, ladders, and other minor elements are essential for correctly and securely fastening the HVAC components. Your team would have to travel with these objects to every job site to complete their work. As a result, you may assume that there’s no space for a material lifter. However, these heavy lifters can fold down to a nifty size that allows for easy transportation and storage. Consequently, you have access to the lifter whenever your team requires it for a project as it can fit into your work vehicle.
  • Investing in a material lift won’t only benefit you for carrying HVAC equipment: They’re heavy lifters for a reason. These products are incredibly versatile and have various accessories that you can acquire for different loads. Apart from being a lift for a duct, you can use the machine for vertical glass carrying, beams for buildings, and forks for garage doors.
  • Employing the use of this piece of equipment will save your operation money in long term: As a business owner, occupational health and safety is your responsibility. Employees who injure themselves while attempting to carry heavy objects such as HVAC gear or garage doors would require medical assistance, and because they were on duty, it would be your responsibility. While you may have insurance in place, it could be a matter that ends up in arbitration which is both money and time-consuming. You can avoid this by acquiring a garage door lift to complete your projects safely.

What You Can expect from JDPower’s Multifunctional Lifter for Garage Door Applications

Our core values are innovation, quality, and service, which we deliver every day. As an exclusive importer and distributor of material lifting equipment, we ensure that you receive products that are quick to set up and easy to transport as well as operate. When you collaborate with us, this is what you can expect:

  • We stock a wide range of portable lifters as opposed to heavy-duty options. Since these machines are compact, they’re easy to fold, store away, and transport. You have the option of adding wheels to CM340 lifter while there is a variable speed trigger, which dictates fine control and positioning of the load. On that note, these portable lifters have a max capacity of 150kg with the CA400 and a max lifting height of 4.9m with the CM520. These machines don’t require assembly on-site, and they generally take approximately 30 seconds to set up.
  • If the heavy and portable options aren’t for your operation, perhaps the trolley carriers are ideal. Naturally, they’re smaller than the other two, so you can fold them up and transport them easily in your vehicle. The added benefit of the trolley material lift is its lightweight, heat-treated aluminium content. Even though it’s lighter in weight, it’s strong enough to carry the necessary equipment. Additionally, they have solid rubber tyres that don’t require air and a silent winch that automatically locks at its existing height.
  • We appreciate and value the feedback from our customers. As such, we’re constantly developing machinery and tools that make life easier in your industry.

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