GRE485 Glazing Robot

The Glazing Robot GRE485 is an exceptional piece of equipment.

Stepping into the realm of automated glass handling, this Auto-Drive Manoeuvrable Glass Robot showcases an impressive load capacity of 485 kg. Immerse yourself in the future of glass transport, characterized by precision and efficiency.

Additionally, the GRE485 Glazing Robot is perfect for unloading, transporting, and installing large glass panels on the jobsite. Elevate your glazing projects with cutting-edge technology and reliability.

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  1. Auto-drive Speed: With a swift speed of 5 km/h, the GRE485 excels in transporting glass panels around the jobsite. The safety stop detector ensures quick halts, enhancing overall safety.
  2. Tip-over Alarm System: The integrated tip-over alarm system is a crucial safety feature. Upon tip-over detection, the operation function automatically shuts off, prioritizing safety.
  3. Hydraulic System Control: The hydraulic system provides precise speed control for lifting, lowering, and telescoping the boom. This level of control is vital when working with heavy and delicate materials like glass.
  4. Full Boom Extend Capacity: Boasting a fully extended capacity of up to 190 kg.
  5. Suction Cups: Equipped with standard pneumatic 6 suction cups, the GRE485 ensures a secure and stable grip on glass panels during transport and installation.
  6. Extended Base Design: The extended base design, expanding from 723mm to 1053mm, enhances operational stability.
  7. Manoeuvrability: Precision angle control and adjustable side-shift of the pneumatic cradle (up to 120mm) are vital when working with large glass panels, allowing for precise positioning.
  8. Compact Design: The compact design facilitates easy navigation through narrow aisles and doorways, making it practical for jobsites with limited space. This ensures the robot can access various areas of the site without constraints.
  9. Removable Counterweights: For easy transportation, the GRE485 features removable counterweights, adding convenience to its mobility.
  • Primarily used in Glass and Glazing
  • Use alongside glass installation in the general Construction Industry