Introducing the Joy of Electric Lifters

Do you often struggle with lifting an air-conditioning unit into position during installation? Do you sometimes have to cancel a job because your helpers are busy elsewhere? Electric lifters are the perfect tool with which you can easily lift an air conditioning unit into position without serious back injuries.

We are the sole importer and master distributor of the renowned KSF line of electric lifters that make life easier for HVAC engineers and glass partition builders.

How Your Business Can Benefit From An Electric Lifter

All types of lifting are accompanied by dangers, especially the manual lifting of heavy items like air conditioning units. Firstly, there is the possibility of back injuries (WHS issues), and secondly, the item can be dropped and broken. Thirdly, and most importantly, Manual lifting forces a lot of work for heavier units, so here are three benefits of using an aircon lifter:

  • It is safe and efficient: The KSF lifters are extremely well-made and are designed for compact and easy operation. You can set one portable lifter up in 30 seconds. Portable Electric lifters have a variable speed trigger switch for fine control and better positioning of load; Nothing impresses a client more than an HVAC installer who can focus on his work and not struggle with trying to keep a heavy air conditioning unit in position while the bolts are fastened.
  • It saves on hiring day-helpers hence saves installing cost: Most of the work required for installing an HVAC system can be done by one or two tradesmen, but generally, some stronger workers are necessary for all the heavy lifting, who do little else during the job. Our lifters require just one person to operate (although two might be needed for loading the air conditioning unit or duct segments onto the lifter).
  • Our range of lifters offers enough variety and accessories so that each industry sector is covered by the most appropriate lifter unit: The various models can be fitted for specific types of jobs with optional accessories, such as an extension arms for awnings and garage door work; plasterboard cradle for plasterboard work.. etc, as we understand that one machine can’t do all kinds of jobs.

A Closer Look At Our Electric Lifters

For the convenience of tradespeople, we have categorised our material handling lifters as either heavy or portable. The distinction between these two categories is of little concern, as all our lifters are made to the same exact standard and are fully supported with spares and accessories. Let’s have a look at each:

  • Portable lifters. This is our most popular range of lifters. The compact CM340 is the base model and easily lifts 130kg to a working height of 3m, whereas the top CM520, comes with wheels model has a maximum lifting height of 4.9m. All models are from QuadroPod, with a levelling indicator. Optional wheel kits are available. The robust telescoping mast is operated with a variable speed controller to allow for the precise positioning of the tray, even when operated as a blind lift. Setup requires no tools and can be done by one person within a matter of 60 seconds.
  • Heavy lifters. Designed for tradesmen who routinely work with heavy air conditioning, duct units or glass panels, these heavy lifters easily lift a 250 to 300kg load up there where it is required for installation. Although not as compact as the portable lifters, they fold up for easy transport to and from the worksite. The wheeled legs are height adjustable for easy levelling and optimal work safety. The optional duct lift accessory makes large HVAC installations in a warehouse easy.

JDPower imports a premium range of KSF electric lifters and offers full support and parts to keep the machines working for many years. We are committed to the HVAC industry, garage door installers, awnings and blinds installers, windows and glass glazier, and construction contractors with our electric material handling lifters. Contact us for an assessment of which machine is best for your business.