EV300 Electro-pneumatic Vacuum Lifter

Introducing the EV-300 Electro-pneumatic Glass Lifter

Revolutionise your glass handling capabilities with the EV-300, an autonomous device meticulously designed for seamless glass manipulation on-site or in the workshop. This cutting-edge technology is specifically crafted for use with the GRM 250 glazing robot, replacing manual pump suction cups and ensuring unparalleled efficiency.

Key Specifications:

  1. Dual Air Circuits: The control panel features two individual air circuits, each connected to its set of suction cups (blue and red hoses), providing enhanced control and flexibility.
  2. Visual and Audible Warnings: Equipped with two warning systems that trigger in case of air pressure loss, ensuring the safety of operations.
  3. Vacuum Level Indicators: Two individual vacuum level indicators offer real-time monitoring for optimal performance.
  4. 300 mm Diameter Suction Cups: Crafted with precision, these suction cups feature a specific sealing lip to minimize the impact on glazing products.
  5. Adjustable Positioning: Both suction cups and their support arms boast adjustable positioning, providing adaptability to various glass handling scenarios.
  6. Protective Covers: Individual protective covers for each suction cup ensure longevity and safeguard against damage.
  7. Battery and Charger: The box includes a 12 V battery and its automatic shut-off charger, ensuring a reliable power source.
  8. Easy Installation: The EV-300 effortlessly installs on our GRM250 Glass Robot in seconds, streamlining your workflow without delays.
  9. Additional Features: The construction allows for the seamless addition of a KSF radio controller without modifications, providing advanced control options.

Advantages of the EV-300:

  • Adjustable positioning for each suction cup and support arm.
  • Protective covers for suction cups.
  • Control Unit with a plug for optional radio controller or computer connection.
  • Quick and easy installation on the GRM250 Glass Robot.

Upgrade your glass handling experience with the EV-300 Electro-pneumatic Glass Lifter. Achieve precision, efficiency, and safety in every operation. Install in seconds and elevate your capabilities with JDPOWER Tools.


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Specifications for EV300 Electro-pneumatic Vacuum Lifter:
• Two individual air circuits in control panel
• Each vacuum circuit is connected to its own set of suction cups (blue
and red hoses)
• Two visual and audible warning systems in case of air pressure loss
• Two individual vacuum level indicators
• 300 mm diameter suction cups:
• Specific sealing lip to limit the impact of the product on the glazing.
• Adjustable position on each support arm which is also adjustable on the
• Individual suction cup protective covers

  • Primarily used in Glass and Glazing
  • Stone, bench
  • Use alongside glass installation in the general Construction Industry

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