GRM250 Glass Robot

The Glass Robot GRM250 is an amazing piece of equipment.

Equipped with four suction cups, the GRM250 is designed to effortlessly lift a maximum capacity of 250 kg, providing a robust solution for handling heavy glass panels. With a remarkable maximum lifting height of 2.45 meters, this versatile glass robot transforms glass handling tasks with unparalleled efficiency.

Key Features:

  1. Seamless Manoeuvrability: Effortlessly lift glass panels from the ground or rack, rotating them sideways for easy navigation through narrow aisles and doorways. From floor to wall & ceiling, the GRM250 excels in transporting your materials. Engineered for agility, it optimizes your workflow with precision and efficienc
  2. Optimal Positioning: Tilt glass panels forwards or backwards for precise positioning. The glass attachment’s 360-degree rotation capability ensures complete control over the placement of glass items, enhancing operational flexibility.
  3. Adaptable Stability: The adjustable wheelbase enhances stability during operations, providing a secure platform for glass handling tasks. Experience increased stability, even in challenging environments.
  4. Versatile Applications: Beyond glass, the GRM250 extends its capabilities to work seamlessly with windows, tiles, countertops, and more. Its versatility makes it a valuable asset for a range of applications.

Discover the GRM250 Glass Robot’s advanced features and elevate your glass handling experience. Whether you’re navigating tight spaces or positioning glass with precision, this cutting-edge tool is engineered to meet your diverse needs.

Upgrade your operations with the GRM250 Glass Robot. Explore the future of glass handling technology at JDPOWER Tools.


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Specifications for a new glass robot GRM250:

  1. Max Load Capacity: The GRM250 boasts a robust design with a maximum load capacity of 250 kg, ensuring reliable performance in various glass handling scenarios.
  2. Versatile Maneuvering: Easily pick up glass panels from racks and effortlessly rotate them sideways, facilitating seamless navigation through narrow aisles and doorways.
  3. Optimal Glass Tilt: Achieve optimal positioning with the ability to tilt glass panels both forwards and backward, ensuring precise placement during installations.
  4. 360° Glass Rotation: The glass attachment features a 360° rotation capability, providing flexibility and ease of handling during complex glass manipulations.
  5. Adjustable Wheel Base: Customize the wheel base according to your specific needs, with an adjustable range from 80 cm to 140 cm. This feature enhances stability, making it adaptable to various work environments.
  • Primarily used in Glass and Glazing
  • Use alongside glass installation in the general Construction Industry

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