DF330 Diamond Core Drill

The DF330 is the bigger brother of the DF320. With an optional stand (DR120), the DF330 can core drill up to 120mm (5″) diameter holes.

It comes with the same powerful 1.35kw motor.

However for larger core sizes, the DF330 comes with a two speed gear box and fitting for a drill stand.

This makes the DF330 ideal for trades such as Air Conditioning, Fencing, Building and general construction, Cabling.

The efficiency and attention to detail in the design of the motor and gear box, means the DF330 does not require a 3 speed gear box – unlike less sophisticated brands. This design also makes the DF330 lighter.

The patented telescopic arms make drilling safe and more comfortable – “lean into” or “rest on” the unit with the telescopic arm using our body weight and not your back!

We recommend tradies also purchase the optional Stand, Vacuum Pump and Vacuum Base to save time and money on the job. On the right surfaces, the vacuum base and pump save bolt-holes to anchor the stand.

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DF320 Diamond Core Drill

The DF320 core drill is a hand-held core drill ideal for drilling core sizes up to 76mm (3″). For larger core sizes see the DF330

The DF320 comes with a powerful 1.35kW motor and many built-in safety and motor/gearbox protection features.

A variable speed trigger delivers this power to the core drill at varying speed – from 0-2200 RPM.

It has a patented extendable shoulder rest that enables the operator to “lean into” a job, rather than using your back as the support. The unit has been ergonomically designed for safe and comfortable operation.

Ideal for Fencing, Cabling and domestic air conditioning trade work.

76mm is the maximum core size we recommend when core drilling without a stand. For larger diameters see the DF330.

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Core Drills

JDPower makes high quality core drills for a range of industry needs. DF330 Diamond Download Brochure DF320 Diamond Download Brochure DR120 Drill Stand Download Brochure VP26 Vacuum Download Brochure CORE DRILLSKEY FEATURESExternal clutch adjustmentNo need to dis-assemble the housing to adjust the clutch. Simple adjust a grub screw on the case. High Quality Copper clutch…

DR120 Drill Stand

The DR120 Drill Stand is designed to operate with the DF330 Core Drill.

The DR120 is used in combination with the DF330 Core Drill when cutting core hold sizes larger than 80mm.

Holes 80mm and above become generate more torque. For safety therefore, operators should use a stand when drilling these larger core sizes.

The stand comes with a Water Collector.

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VP26 vacuum pump

The VP-26 vacuum pump saves drilling anchor bolts into your core drilling surface to mount a core drill stand.

The saves time! It also does not leave any marks or bolt-heads to clean up on the core drilling surface.

The VP-26 is normally sold with the VPAS-6-01 Vacuum base.

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JDPower’s Core Drills are ideally suited for fencing in concrete and tiled surfaces, such as balconies and pool fencing. Glass Balustrades are often a feature of this type of fencing. Tighter changes in legislation in some States provide a unique opportunity for you business to take advantage of new opportunities as pool owners install new…


JDPower’s core drill range enable cabling installers to drill holes through brick and concrete for cable runs. Since most holes for cabling fall below the 80mm mark the DF320 provides an ideal solution. Click here for more information on JDPower’s diamond core drill solutions.


JDPower is the exclusive importer and master distributor of Materials Handling, Lifting, Concrete Cutting and Core Drilling solutions designed and manufactured by KSF. Our warehouse is based in Port Kembla (Wollongong Region) ensuring you have locally based expertise on our solutions. Pictured Above: KSF Factory in Taiwan Our aim is to provide you with high…

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At JDPower we provide innovative equipment to improve job site productivity Whether you are looking for portable lifters, heavy material lifters, diamond core drills or concrete cutters, JDPower has an answer. JDPower Pty Ltd is the Australian importer and distribution of KSF Machine Tools. Our aim is to provide the operator with the ability to…